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“Finances 101”: How to be your own CFO

4 weeks
All levels
57 lessons
4 quizzes
171 students

During this course, you will learn how to manage your own finances while you grow your freelance business.

To start, we would assume that you currently have a day job, and one of your goals is to break free from the 9-5 and gain more income and time flexibility through freelancing.








This course comes in 3 parts that can be completed in 4 weeks:

Week 1: Side Hustle Secrets

We believe that everyone can start small, especially freelancing. Since you have your day job, you could jumpstart your freelancing career by taking side hustles first. We’ll reveal through this course several side hustle ideas and how you can determine if you’re ready to do freelancing full-time. These secrets will surely help you change your life from having a 9-5 job to having a freelance business.

Week 2-3: Manage your Finances with Quicken

Organize your Money with Quicken. Quicken is a money management software. It is not required for you to have Quicken but we will teach you the fundamentals of finances so that you can also implement the tips if you’re using other financial management software, be it Excel, Google Sheets, or other apps!

Week 4: Starting a 6-figure online business

6-Figure Online Business – Now, you understand the fundamentals of starting with side hustles and organizing your money using financial management software! What’s next is scaling that so you’ll have a 6-figure online business. This lesson will guide you on how!

Passing grade: 80%

Maximum Re-Takes: 3

Mode of Instruction: English

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