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“Get in the Zone” – Proper Mindset for Success

5 weeks
All levels
33 lessons
3 quizzes
2 students

“Get in the Zone” – Proper Mindset for Success” will guide on you how to be ready as you start your freelancing journey.

It’s going to be tough, yes. But with a shift in mindset, you will be on the right track to success.

This course is part 1 of all 4 tracks of the Pareto Consulting eLearning Hub. You may take this anytime you want but we suggest taking this first because, without the proper mindset, the skills you will learn from other tracks will not be sufficient enough to set you up for success.

Before anything, YOU must be ready to…

This course is composed of 5 modules which you can take for 5 weeks. This is composed of the following topics:

Knowing Your Why and Why It Matters

Throughout this module, the overall goal is to gain clarity on your WHY. By the end of this module, you are required to provide a coherent statement of why you do what you do and why you would recommend a particular course of action.

Developing the “Abundance Mindset” towards Success

After defining your “WHY”, you should develop the proper mindset to succeed in this course. At the end of this course, you should be able to list down the actions/habits/plans you will use so that you will maintain your “WHY”

Attitude of Gratitude

It is important to express gratitude when dealing with the daily challenges of your business, and we often tend to forget to do so. In this lesson, we will teach you how you can express gratitude in different ways.

Getting Organized

The lack of proper organization can result in tasks being piled up, paperwork getting lost, and valuable time is spent looking for information that should already be readily accessible. Nevertheless, good organization is integral to any successful business venture, saving you time and reducing your stress. Here, let’s discover the power of organization.

Starting out as a Solopreneur + Tips to become Successful

Solopreneur businesses have taken off in the last decade. This is because many people work for themselves in order to find fulfillment, set their own schedule, or simply better control their careers. Find your motivation in the tips that will be provided in this lesson.

BONUS: Each module comes with reading materials to supplement your learning

To pass the course, you must complete all modules and their respective assessments.

Mode of instruction: English

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